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Trauma Informed Holistic Health

We offer Consciousness Expanding resources Raise Your Vibration

As Within, So Without

As Above, So Below 11:11

Trauma Recovery & Facilitating the Great Awakening

Bring Homeostasis to your Mind, Body and Soul Start Now

Did trauma wake you up?

Trauma occurs when something happens too much, too soon, or too fast for our nervous system to handle. C-PTSD often occurs as a result of a compromised boundary which then blocks our capacity to metabolize the experience.

Despite all this, you have the ability to transform difficult experiences into an oasis of personal and spiritual power.

Trauma is part of the human experience and healing is part of the human condition!


As you raise your vibration, you will find that you just can’t eat the foods you used to eat anymore. Your body will naturally start rejecting them.

This could leave you lost, confused and in urgent need to find and try new recipes. But where do you start?

Right here, I’ll show you how to meal prep, eat alkaline, high vibrational foods that elevate and keep your frequency high.

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3D TO 5D

Do you see repeated numbers every time you check the clock?

Have you started wondering

"What is the point of life?”

"What are we all doing here?"

This is the first sign that you are 'waking up'. You are starting to question your old beliefs and social conditioning. You've realised that there is so much more to life than what we have been told. Some people wake up spontaneously, for others, it is triggered by a major life change, illness, tragedy, or trauma such as psychological or emotional abuse, a car accident, divorce or chronic pain. Click the link below for more information on how to navigate this new stage of your life.

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How and why do the planets influence us? What do they tell us about ourselves?

Many people feel that astrology is a mystic craft, best left alone.

Contrary to popular belief, astrology is not a fortune telling tool.

Planets show us what is happening.

Signs show us how it is happening.

Houses show us where it is happening.

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Did you know that trauma damages and disrupts the gut microbiome?

The microbiome stays in a 'trauma state' even when circumstances change. It DOES NOT bounce back to its PRE-trauma state without certain interventions.

We can help you heal your gut, teach you how to regulate your nervous system, kill parasites, pathogens, candida, reduce bloating and discomfort.


Do you constantly crave sugar and carbs? Are you tired all the time? Perhaps you struggle with cystic acne or rashes, sinus congestion, bloating and brain fog?

Having discernment around your food choices is extremely important, however, a good diet plan is futile if you do not address the metaphysical component.

You are most susceptible to Candida if you have a tendency to deny or down play your emotions and use food as your emotions-regulator.

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The effects of trauma also manifest in an unexpected and seemingly unrelated
part of the human body: the gut.

Our centre of intuition.

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If you're chronically stressed due to issues in your daily life environment, it's likely you feel uncomfortable with and afraid of your own body and you do not feel safe in the world.

Learning how to calm your nervous system can help you heal from trauma, decrease your symptoms and help to minimise the effects PTSD.

Our bodies remember trauma, even if our minds do not remember.

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There are things you pointed out in the document that you just can't know but you pointed them out, and they are true. That's what's making me shake!


Phumi is my go-to person for EVERYTHING in my life! She has so much wisdom and knowledge when it comes to this "stuff." Her perspective on things is what brings me healing.
She's helped me with my health, relationship with others, and most importantly my relationship with myself and so much more. Just engage with her material. You won't regret it!


You made me realise that my opinion, thoughts and feelings matter and I should never be ashamed or feel guilty act on what I feel strongly in my heart. You are a gem.


Thank you for teaching me that when I eat, I'm not just filling a hole in my stomach. All my life, I've viewed eating as such an inconvenience, which meant I would eat whatever I could find, just be "full" -  and move on with my life. Now I understand that I need to eat to nourish my body!