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Trauma Recovery Rehab

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For a total of 6 hours, we will dive deep into poly vagal theory, inner child wounds, chakra healing and body work which will equip you with incredible mind-restorative, body-balancing tools that enable you to be able to release trauma from your physical and energetic body.

You cannot truly heal and recover from trauma until you reset your nervous system and create new neurological pathways. Maybe you've tried religion, therapy or even meditation and found that they don’t really get to the core of the pain, memory, flashbacks or your lived experience.

This Trauma Recovery Rehab will help free you from the symptoms of betrayal trauma, childhood trauma, emotional and physical abuse by focusing on your body's sensations, triggers and chemical reactions.

We will zero in on or adjust the circumstances, choices and feelings that contribute to your unhappiness and create a targeted plan so that you can start making, and sticking to long-term changes.

As your guide, I’ll help you get to the crux of subconscious, and conscious limiting beliefs that prevent you from getting, becoming and enjoying what you really want in life.

Get in touch if you’re ready to:

    • Heal from physical or emotional trauma
    • Achieve, exceed and smash your health and fitness goals
    • Launch and accomplish your entrepreneurial or business goals
    • Draw deeper, perhaps spiritual, connections between your mind and body

    Let's discharge the negative energy trapped in your body.



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Dolores Hearst

    Connecting with you remninded me to heal my inner child. It's sacred work to expand the heart space. You are a really appreciated mirror and amazing listener. Lawyas carrying comforting energy when holding space for another in healing. Definitely a transformative experience.

    Ketennie Vaughn

    I had tremendous resistance and blocks and just one session freed me up to move forward with joy, excitement. I feel so light.

    Kiran Holt

    I feel so much more at home in my body and relaxed about my life and myself. I love how you are no-bullshit but so nurturing at the same time!

    Nina Drake

    I got lucky and had a chance to pay for a session. I've had a therapist for a long time but never heard of getting trauma OUT of the body. I truly loved the experience of moving my body and learning how to un-trigger in stressful moments in the comfort of my own home. I don't have to go anywhere and I dont need anything or anyone to "fix" me anymore.